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  The O'TENTIKA products were introduced in 1986 as an innovative, effective and specific answer to hair and scalp care problem.  A few years later, O'TENTIKA brand was reoriented exclusively towards hyper-pigmented skin beauty care to fully leverage the historical know-how of the company.  
  We strive to develop advanced products which are produced in accordance to the high quality Swiss standards. Relying on more than 20 years of history, our products are of superior quality and safety. Complementary to each other, each of our products has been designed to deal with one particular aspect of beauty care, but they will be even more effective when they are used in combination.  
  Over the past decades, Black woman has been increasingly willing to assert her own personality. To care for her beauty, she has been looking for elaborated cosmetics, to fit the needs of her skin and meet her taste.  
  We constantly improve our offer to stay ahead of the market and anticipate tomorrow’s black beauty standard trends.  
  Skin Tone Maxitone Milk F-Body Milk Fade Out Cream  
  Complexion Soap Exfolliant Soap C15 Complex Serum    

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